Mums opting to shop online

Shopping has gone through some massive changes over recent years and one of the most notable differences has been the rise to prominence of ecommerce. It is no wonder then that so many firms now take advantage of e-fulfilment services. Highlighting the increasing significance of web-based sales, a recent study completed by Casabu and Mumsnet revealed that mothers are increasingly heading online to source goods. The researchers found that more than eight in ten of the mums polled headed online to look for items for them and their children at least once or twice a month.

Meanwhile, they used a variety of devices when engaging in shopping like this, including smartphones, tablet computers and work PCs. Without the right order fulfilment services, many retailers would struggle to ensure the items ordered by customers via cyberspace made it to their intended destinations. Commenting on the findings, Rachel Oxburgh, chief executive officer of Casabu said: “This research confirms that mums are looking for deals on brands and that they will make use of the full range of technology.”

She went on to note that many women go online in order to save cash. About this, she remarked: “Mums still want to dress their children and themselves in quality brands, but economic necessity means they want to find great deals. For example, rather than spending £50 on a pair of designer jeans for their daughter almost half of mums surveyed are looking to spend less than £10.”

Indeed, almost 90 per cent of the ladies polled said they like to feel like they are accessing bargains when they part with their cash. To help them pass on savings to their customers, it is often necessary for companies to source great value e-fulfilment services. By enlisting the help of the right order fulfilment solution providers, companies tend to find it easier to operate successfully.