Food and Wine

The Presentation Of Hampers

Food hampers UK are all about presentation. Yes, it is possible to collect together the contents of one, but giving it without the consistency of one single present can make the gift seem fragmented. Hampers help to bring everything together and prompt questions of where and how they might be enjoyed. The obvious answer to that is a picnic that can be experienced outside, perhaps at a park. This is a particularly poetic when giving Christmas hampers which suggest enjoying a hamper outside in a winter wonderland, as long as one can endure the temperatures.

The best hampers will bring together some of the finest chocolates and wines for winter all inside a beautifully crafted basket that can find extra uses once the hamper has been finished. The bigger ones might include wine, chocolate and a selection of shortbread, jams and marmalades, which are hand picked to represent the distinctive rich colours of the festive period. Of course, one of the best hamper selections brings together cheese and port, with Stilton alongside a strong, fine port to add some steel and resolve against the weather.

Not all Christmas hampers have to be all about food, they could contain body washes, scrubs and sprays that can make Christmas a time of pampering rather than eating and drinking. The great aspect of these hampers is that they have no expiry date and can be kept until next Christmas if bought just after the last. The supplier should also offer gift wrapping options for hampers.