The Uae Dubai World Expo Bid 2020 – Connecting Minds, Creating The Future

If there was ever a time to start focusing on a renewed vision for global progression, it’s now. The world’s problems have become highly complex and interrelated and the only way to resolve this issues of international importance is for nations to work together like never before. Where a single mind, a single business or a single country used to be able to demonstrate real change, rapid and significant advancements to our world can only really be achieved through careful cooperation. The UAE Dubai World Expo bid 2020 is determined to emphasis this, providing a platform for the global community to come together and discuss how to make collaboration more viable. The proposed theme for the event is: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.

It has been said that nothing can shape the world like imagination, and alongside connectivity, an ability to visual resolutions is an essential component in achieving a peaceful and sustainable global future. Success in all areas, whether starting a business, raising a family or leading a country, can only be achieved by harnessing the power of imagination. The Dubai World Expo 2020 will be asking people to do just that, seeking forward-thinkers and innovators alike to come together and share their ideas on how to overcome some of the world’s biggest problems. There is no topic off limits, with exhibitors and visitors asked to provide inspiration on any global issue. However, there are three further subthemes which will be paid particular attention:


The global financial crisis has put a high level of pressure on the economy worldwide, and now is the time to come up with solution for global economic growth. How can universal modes of progression and stability be founded?


Everyone should have access to clean water and intelligent energy sources, and yet unfortunately this is not the case as of yet. How can nations create cultures that embrace this access and how can provision by sustainable for the future? The expo will look at how we can adapt existing energy and water production and consumption techniques to be more viable from a social, industrial and economic perspective.


Dubai Expo attendees will be asked to look at how mobility can be improved in terms of global transportation and logistics. How can a more integrated approach be achieved in all modes of travel across the world? How can this be made sustainable?

If the Dubai World Expo 2020 bid is successful, the UAE have chosen the Dubai Trade Center – Jebel Ali as the event venue. This excellent conference and exhibition centre will act as a meeting point for millions over a 6 month hosting period and is likely to become a working monument to connected thinking in the aftermath of the event – leaving a legacy for Dubai and the UAE as a whole.

The World Expo is the world’s most important cultural event, bringing together millions of visitors under one roof during a six month period. Visit the official UAE Dubai Expo 2020 website to show your support for the bid now and bring the world fair to the region for the first time.

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