Travelling By Ferry To France

Travelling By Ferry To France

With numerous ports in the UK and Europe, travelling by ferry to France is not only a viable means of transport but a hugely beneficial one. Whether you’re moving to the beautiful French countryside or setting off on the first leg of a European tour holiday, taking your own car can provide you with greater freedom to get around. The onboard entertainment available also means that you can start your holiday as soon as you start your journey.

Travelling can prove a stressful and difficult time. You will need to plan every detail meticulously if you wish to enjoy the best possible journey. However, with some forms of transport there are certain aspects that you simply cannot plan for as well as irritating and even painful waits that are difficult to include in your daily planner. Travelling by ferry to France offers a comfortable and convenient way of heading off to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Most ferries feature bars, places to eat, and extensive lounge areas that offer refreshments and daily newspapers. You can sit and enjoy reading your favourite book or, weather permitting, you can head out on deck to enjoy the invigorating sea air. Obviously, this isn’t an option when flying or when travelling in the Channel Tunnel. You can start your holiday on the journey.

Travelling by Eurotunnel invariably means that you will have to add additional time and distance to your journey. There are limited stops and you will need to arrange for public transport, a cab, or hire car if you wish to continue your journey once you reach France. In contrast, when you travel by ferry to France not only can you take your own vehicle with you but you can choose from a longer list of places to disembark and to start your French trip.

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