How to Tell if an Elderly Person is Being Abused

How to Tell if an Elderly Person is Being Abused

The intentional injuring of a vulnerable individual over 60 is referred to as elder abuse or abuse of an older adult. Inflicting pain, neglect, or financial exploitation are all examples of abuse. If you see indicators of abuse, such as unexplained injuries, seclusion, or rapid changes in a person’s financial condition, immediately report them to local authorities and get the help of a personal injury lawyer Boston.

Undedrtsanding elder abuse

Elder abuse, also known as abuse of older people, abuse of elderly individuals, or abuse of a vulnerable adult, is the intentional injury of someone over 60. This might be accomplished by purposeful infliction of suffering (physical or mental), neglect, or financial exploitation. Abuse is dangerous and harmful.

Abuse may happen to anybody and at any time. People closest to vulnerable adults are frequently the ones who mistreat them. If you or a loved one is abused, report it to local authorities and/or adult protective services.

Types of elder abuse

The following are examples of elder abuse:

Physical abuse

Physical abuse happens when one individual commits a bodily injury to another. Examples are pushing, beating, slapping, or restraining someone against their will. Physical abuse can result in pain or injury.

Sexual abuse

Forced sexual contact or forcing someone to witness or participate in sexual activity are examples of sexual abuse.


Neglect is failing to meet someone’s basic physical, emotional, or social requirements. This involves a caretaker denying someone food, housing, treatment, or medicine. Self-neglect is also a type of neglect. This occurs when a person is unable to care for oneself physically or cognitively.

Financial abuse

Exploitation or financial abuse is stealing money or personal items from another individual. Forging checks, using credit cards without authorization, or claiming someone else’s benefits, such as Social Security, as your own are all examples. This also involves persuading or coercing a vulnerable individual to give up their possessions.

Emotional abuse

Emotional or psychological abuse happens when someone harshly screams at another person, generates fear, threatens them verbally, or ignores another person in their care. Verbal harassment, berating, humiliation, or intimidation are examples of emotional abuse.


Abandonment occurs when a vulnerable individual in need of assistance is left alone and receives no care from their appointed caretaker.

It is normal for vulnerable persons to be subjected to several forms of abuse.

Abuse of elderly people is prevalent. One out of every ten adults over 60 are abused in the United States. Every state in the United States has laws to protect the elderly, yet many incidents go unreported. If you or a loved one are victims of elder abuse, do not suffer in silence and get legal help immediately.

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