Arranging Silk flowers on Dining Tables

Flowers find their home on dining tables, and high dining culture has long been furnished by decorative floral arrangements. They say you eat with your eyes, and the aesthetic brilliance of blooms goes a long way to enhance the dining experience. Go into any traditional, high quality dining establishment or hotel, and you’ll encounter a sparse garden of floral table arrangements.

What you may notice is that not all of these arrangements are the real thing, they are silk flowers. Such is the quality of artificial flowers nowadays that you’d be hard pressed to notice, at first glance, the difference between a silk and real flower. In the context of dining, you can even say that there are lots of ways where silk flowers are more apt than the real thing.

They are always in season. These days, culinary culture isn’t held back by seasonality and thanks to global trade you can get pretty much anything out-of-season. Flowers are a little different however, and currently you’d struggle to find certain flowers at certain times of the year. Artificial flowers, of course, aren’t limited by seasonality, and all their simulacrum of florality is available throughout the year.

They also require minimal upkeep. When real flowers begin to go stale, they do so with emphasis. If you’ve ever smelt stale flower water then you’ll know how contrasting an old flower is to the vivacious variety. Old flowers certainly aren’t something you want as a centrepiece. If you have a large dining hall, then freshening up flower displays can be logistically difficult, but with unreal flowers there are none of these problems.