Beach Safety Tips for Your Dog

In a lot of ways the beach is the perfect environment for a dog. It’s offers your pet wide open spaces to run and play in. There are lots of visual and audio stimuli too, lots of places to explore and of course the sea is a great place in which to play and get a bit wet.

There are many ways in which the beach can be dangerous for your dog, not so dangerous that beaches aren’t safe for your dog, but dangerous enough that you should take some care. Consider the following:

Don’t let your dog out of your sight. Because beaches are such wide open spaces dogs can run off and get lost. Also, if you don’t keep an eye on your dog they might wander out into the sea and could possibly drown or drink in sea water.

People usually visit the beach when it’s hot. Dog’s are better than humans in all sorts of ways, but they are less able to deal with high temperatures. They can’t perspire, therefore, and so  are more likely to overheat. Sun burn might also be a problem.

If it’s very hot, don’t let your dog stay in direct sun for too long, take them to the shade. Human sun-cream isn’t suitable for dogs (i.e. for protecting their muzzles or ears) but there are vet approved sun blocks available.

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