Bean bags for Stress Relief

Stress is a very modern malaise. The price we pay for modern day luxury seems to be a spike in our stress levels. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to reduce stress, taking the edge of emotional or physical anxiety. For example, using a bean bag instead of a chair after a hard day’s work is a very simple way to help you unwind.

On a simple level, beanbags are all about comfort. They are widely considered to be the most comfortable kind of chair there is. You may not have experienced the comfort of sitting on a bean bag since you where a kid, but try it now and you’d be relieved, extremely relieved, to discover that they’re perfect for stressed out grownups.

Unlike other kinds of chair, a bean bag moulds around the contours of your body. This means they support pressure points. This is great if you experience a specific locale of pain, for instance you might have pain on your lower back. A normal chair won’t support your lower back as well as a bean bag, and so sitting in a bean bag is great for sufferers of back pain and other painful medical conditions.

Beyond the actual physical experience of sitting in a bean bag, beanbags are good stress relievers by association. They are very fun items of furniture, especially if you have kids, very suitable for play, and because they are soft it doesn’t matter how rough the play gets!