Cat Care Tips that Might Surprise You

Looking after a cat is a lot of fun, but there are challenges involved. Taking care of any animal, of any age, requires some degree of effort. Thankfully, there is more information out there than ever before, most of it online via companies like Hills Pets. You’ll notice that much of this advice is common sense, however some of it might take you buy surprise.

It’s a common misconception that cats hate water. Of course like all animals they need water to survive. So, whilst your cat might not be a great swimmer, it may still love water. Running taps can have a positive effect on your cat, calming them and hydrating them.

Cat behaviour is a very complicated thing, and so behaviours that might seem to be destructive are typically very normal. Excessive mewing, scratching and even aggression are common amongst cats, and are not necessarily signs of a problem. These kinds of behaviours can be lessened if your cat is spayed.

Cats are very territorial, and so they can react to changed in their environment with suspicion and even aggression. Eye contact can upset your cat if they perceive it to be a threat from a stranger. This all depends on the nature of your specific cat of course.

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