Tips for Travelling in a Car with a Cat

It’s never ideal when you need to travel in your car with a pet. It’s well known that dogs can die in hot cars. Basically, the car can be a very hostile environment for your animal, and they can show signs of extreme stress during transport.

Next time you need to transport your cat in your car, consider the following tips:

You should use a carrier for your cat, as this will keep it under control for the journey, protecting them and your cat from damage. The carrier itself can cause stress to your cat, and so it’s a good idea to introduce your cat to its carrier beforehand. Allow your cat to sleep in the carrier, let them become more comfortable with their “new” territory.

Don’t be too hasty. It’s a good idea to let your cat get to know the car before you travel, out of their carrier. Let them sniff and explore the vehicle, and hopefully this will make them more amenable to travel.

You can also buy several products that are designed to have a calming influence on your pet, using pheromones. The products can be useful for one-off journeys, and could help to take the edge off the stress of travel.

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