Common Cat Illnesses

Sometimes it’s a good idea to acknowledge the similarities between humans and felines. For example, just like us there are all sorts of illnesses that can affect cats, and many of them are very serious. A major difference between people and cats is that whilst we can communicate if we have a problem, cat’s don’t have the ability, and it’s up to their owners to diagnose any health issues on their behalf.

Dental Problems

Cats rely on their teeth more than we do. This is because they are obligate carnivores, which means their teeth are very specialised for tearing into meat. Also, like dogs, cats sometimes use their teeth to explore the world. With this in mind, dental problems can be very serious and include gum disease, plaque and gingivitis.

Heart Disease

Heart disease isn’t just a human problem, and can affect animals too. Sadly heart disease in cats can’t be reversed, although with the right Hills Pets treatment symptoms can be lessened. Common signs of heart issues include breathing difficulties, sudden change in weight and problems with exercise.


Obesity is another condition that’s associated with people rather than animals. However, there is an obesity epidemic amongst cats too. The root cause of this is usually the owners, who don’t provide enough exercise and overfeed their pets unhealthy foods, too often. You can counteract obesity by choosing healthier food options, such as Hills Pets food.