Do We Still Value our Photographs?

One thing’s for sure, we take more and more photographs than ever these days. But is this the same as saying that we value our photographs more? Certainly not, and because images are now much more easily taken and shared the photographic image has lost its magic power somewhat.

Most people have Smartphone’s these days, and these devices, whilst doing lots and lots of things, can also act as perfectly serviceable cameras. This means that even when you don’t have a camera to hand, you can still take pictures because your phone’s a camera.

This means that, technically, there’s no occasion that can’t be photographed. People take pictures of anything and everything these days, not only important events and holidays, but more trivial things, like cupcakes. There’s perhaps something a little sad about “Instagramming” a cupcake, whatever happened to the glory days of personal photography?

Well they’re still here. Whilst it’s certainly true that there are more and more trivial photographs out there, and they’re more easily taken, there are plenty of positive things about digital images and the internet. For one, it’s now easier than ever to create photographic products, using your own snaps, with photo printing companies.

You can enjoy again the power of the photograph, creating all sorts of high quality photo gifts with them, such as photo wall calendars or elegant photo books. Ideal if you want to make your most special images even more special.