Hosted Exchange – A trouble-free way to handle corporate email

Whilst the internet is continually coming up with new and exciting ways of communicating, email remains highly popular. Some 294 billion emails are sent globally every day. However, whilst email has remained stable as a means of communication, the underlying technology has certainly not stood still. Indeed, hosted email is a relatively recent development that is proving most popular. Indeed Hosted Exchange (Exchange being Microsoft’s messaging technology), one such relatively recent innovation, is certainly worth considering.

Under a hosted Exchange agreement the email service is delivered directly to the client company over the internet, and accessed on office computers, and portable devices as required. A well-implemented, maintained and supported hosted email service has many benefits, and these include the following:

– More cost effective. The client company does not have to be concerned with housing its own Exchange server in its HQ, with all the costs, including rack space that go with it. Meanwhile, they do not need support staff on site to look after the Exchange implementation. The overall cost of remotely hosted Exchange is lower, and there are no hidden costs.

– Focused support: By handing over support to a company which specialises in application support, the hosted Exchange client will benefit from focused, dedicated expertise in troubleshooting and resolving corporate messaging issues.

– Finally, the hosted email client will benefit from the latest updates and patches immediately; so they will always be up to date in terms of the reliability and security of their messaging software.