Keeping a Journal can Help You Learn to Drive

Everyone learns in their own way, however we can broadly say what kinds of things improve learning. For most people, keeping notes of the learning process can help to commit things learned into long term memory. This is true for learning to drive as well, and keeping a journal or diary can greatly improve your chances of passing the theory or practical driving test.

Let’s say a driving lesson lasts for 20 minutes. Within these 20 minutes you might learn several things, how to recognise hazards, something about the engine, how to park safely. In other words, there’s a lot to take in. It’s well known that writing things down can help a person digest information, making it more comprehensible and memorable.

Good drivers are often good drivers because they have good instincts. They may argue that being a good driver isn’t about academic learning, it’s about practical aptitude. Regardless of the truth of this, there is something called the theory test, which is very much a test of academic theory as opposed to practical ability. If you fail this test you don’t even get to the practical component.

Confidence can greatly affect someone’s ability to drive and pass a driving test. Having information learned logically and clearly written down can have a very positive effect on a person’s confidence, increasing the likelihood that they do well in the test.

Whether you’re looking for driving schools in Croydon or driving schools in Mitcham consider using a learner’s journal to help you pass that driving test.