Portable Buildings for the Education Sector

Temporary buildings where once seen as a kind of stop-gap, where “real” buildings where not available and portable buildings had to be wheeled in. In the context of education, this caused some controversy, with modular classrooms blamed for everything from poor academic performance to delinquency.

These days, there has been a considerable change in perception towards portable structures. Driving this change is the increase in quality of these buildings. They are know constructed to higher standards, using materials that are sustainable, durable and cost effective.

Similarly, construction methods have improved. Buildings can now very effectively be pre-fabricated, and installed extremely quickly on site. This is important because it creates minimal disruption, and in the context of education disruption is the last thing you want.

Case in point, let’s say that pupils need to be quickly accommodated during exam time, perhaps they need a place to do their exams in a more amenable environment. Pre-fab buildings can very quickly be installed, within a matter of minutes, and so there is no disruption to pupils.

Green concerns are also an issue these days. The education sector is now increasingly eager to embrace green initiatives and sustainability, and pass these values on to children. Quality temporary buildings fit very neatly into these ideals, and are relatively good for the environment, re-usable and sustainable.

Portable structures are very versatile and can be constructed to unique specifications, easily adaptable for the education sector.