Tips for Choosing the Colour of Curtains

Curtains can be both functional and stylish. On the functional side of things, they are used for controlling the light in-take into a room, on the stylish side of things, quality curtains can really enhance the way a rooms looks. Curtains are unique in that their function and their aesthetic are linked somewhat, i.e. the way light is let into a room is an important interior design consideration.

Curtains and even net curtains might be embellished, but they are usually relatively simple furnishings, with little extraneous detail. The one major factor that determines the aesthetic of a curtain is colour. Here are a couple of tips for choosing the colour of curtains:

It’s very hard for many homeowners to visualise colour, and how it works best in their homes. There is lots of advice online about what colours go with what, and this can be applied to your choice of curtains. However, often the best interior design choices are about breaking rules rather than blindly sticking with them.

Your home might, for example, be decorated to a modern, minimalist style. it might be a room that is sparsely decorated, and the colour scheme might be simple perhaps two tone black and white. In this kind of context, choosing curtains that are brightly coloured, perhaps a vibrant red, can work really well, breaking up the monotony of your interiors with a striking dash of colour.