Tips for Choosing Your Pet Cat

Choosing a cat is a very exciting time, and there are all sorts of positive things about cat ownership. They’re great companions, funny and quirky, some might be a little bit aggressive at first but hopefully this behaviour will lessen in the future. When choosing a new cat consider the following.

In a way, choosing a cat is a little easier than choosing a dog because there is nowhere near as much variation between breeds. The biggest difference you might find relates to cat hair length. Short hair cats are very easy to care for, they groom themselves, whereas longer haired cats will require some grooming.

You need to judge each cat on an individual basis. It’s difficult to get to know an animal in just a few moments, however there are a couple of things to look for. Firstly, if you ask to handle the animal you can assess whether the cat is comfortable being held, or reacts aggressively.

You can also ask for health records. These will outline whether your cat has been vaccinated. This is important, because vaccinations are expensive and you might want to know what kind of cost you can expect before you buy your new cat.

Money is the least important factor of course, and you need to ask yourself whether you’re prepared to look after a cat with a long term commitment. If you want more advice or Hills Pets cat food look for Hills Pets online.