Myths about Cats

Cats are often misunderstood animals. Just as we should never stereotype human-beings, we should avoid stereotyping animals. With this in mind, it’s not a good idea to make generalisations about cat behaviour, or about the people who own cats.

There are a lot of assumptions about people who own cats. People think it’s only spinsters who own cats, only women or people who have lots of cats are a bit crazy. All these assertions are a bit unfair of course, and cat owners come in all shapes and sizes.

Many assumptions are made about the behaviour of cats. Some people view cats as aloof animals, territorial and unloving. Cats are all individual, however, some cats might be aloof but others might be timid, loving and even dog-like.

Cats, like all animals, have a reputation for being unclean, spreading cat hair. However, cats are very clean animals, and tend to look after their territory and maintain a high level of personal hygiene. OK, we’re generalising a bit here but basically we’re saying that cats tend to be clean.

One of the most dangerous myths is that cats are able to fend for themselves. They might show independence and like to go off on their own for hours on end, but they will still likely depend on you for their care.

A key aspect of this care is feeding, and you should choose quality cat food that has high protein content, such as Hills Pets food. You can find Hills Pets food online.