What Goes in to Quality Cat Food?

If you were to leave your cat to its own devices then it would probably try and feed itself through hunting. Unfortunately, domestic  cats, usually, don’t know how to feed themselves hunting, and will often play with their kills rather than eating them. So, it’s important that you feed your cat, and this food should be full of protein.

A cat is a obligate carnivore which means that they simply have to eat meat. So, cat food should be full of meat or fish, which are both great sources of protein, (they offer complete proteins, which are full of all the essential amino acids that cats require.)

You might think that your dog is an obligate carnivore, but you’d be wrong. They are actually omnivores, just like humans. So they can get nutrients from a diverse number of sources. Cats simply have to eat protein, and lots of it, roughly three times as much as an omnivore would need.

Carbohydrates can be useful for cats too, however they are not as efficiently converted to energy as they would be in a human. So, they aren’t necessarily essential, although they can be useful for expending energy. Just like humans, they do benefit from vitamins and minerals, including calcium.

So, when choosing cat food you should look for quality protein, but also for additional benefits like vitamins and minerals. Hills Pets make a high quality cat food, and you can find Hills Pets online.