When Is the Best Time to Have a Kitten Spayed?

Kitten spaying takes place on a daily basis in vet clinics all over the world. There are many advantages for spaying female cats, such as feline population control, stopping or reducing undesirable behaviours and health benefits such as lower risk of some cancers. Questions often asked by cat owners is when should a kitten be spayed and is it safe?

Hill’s Pets recommend seeking advice from your vet as to when to get your kitten spayed. Vets normally suggest a female kitten be spayed at around 5-7 months. This allows the kitten to develop their vital organs and immune system before being put under a general anaesthetic. Also, at this age, there is less chance that your kitten will already be pregnant, which is a much higher risk if she if left until she is older. The procedure will normally take place before the first season, before they reach sexual maturity.

It is possible however, to have kittens spayed at a much younger age. Many animal shelters will spay kittens as young as 8 weeks before going to a new home. This can prevent the kitten spraying the home with urine and yowling to attract a male cat. This behaviour isn’t desirable to many potential cat owners so spaying is introduced earlier than normal.

The surgery is a routine procedure under general anaesthetic, so it is generally thought of as being safe. However, the benefits far outweigh the risks. After the surgery, your kitten may experience some discomfort but shouldn’t be in pain, so make sure she has a comfortable and safe place to recover in, away from other animals and children.