When Treats Go Bad

Pet treats are an essential part of everyday life when owning a dog. Treats can be used to help train an animal through rewarding good and desirable behaviour, as a bribe to get the dog to come back to you whilst out walking, or even for no reason at all. So, as you can see, treats are essential!

When a human thinks of a treat, they might conjure up an image of some sweets or chocolate, and sometimes think that these foods are suitable as a treat for your pet too. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This ‘human food’ can contain unnecessary fats and products that could prove harmful to your pet and make him gain weight.  Certain human foods are known to be extremely harmful to dogs, and sometimes even fatal. Foods such as chocolate, grapes and avocados can have such an effect.

Many overweight pets taken to vet clinics are overweight due to their owners feeding them incorrect foods. Human foods can not only be harmful to dogs, they can also encourage undesirable behaviour such as begging and stealing food from plates. The way to avoid this is to not feed them human foods at all.
Pet treats, such as those from Hill’s Pets, are specifically designed to be eaten by dogs. Their balance of vitamins and minerals compliment his existing diet and most importantly are much better for him that a piece of chocolate! Featuring the very best in dog nutrition, Science Plan™ Canine Snacks are the best treats you can give your dog.