Choosing temporary car insurance with short term breakdown cover

Anyone borrowing a car to take on holiday may want to take out temporary car insurance as opposed to trying to put the car on their annual insurance policy. It may be worth holidaymakers also considering short-term breakdown cover. While the chances are nothing will go wrong during the holiday, if the worst happens and the car breaks down, at least there is the insurance to fall back on. There are two types of temporary insurance; one for when driving in the UK and one called short term European breakdown cover, which is needed by individuals who are driving around Europe.

Weekly or monthly temporary car insurance and short term breakdown cover

Depending on how long the holiday has been planned for, it may be possible for holidaymakers to choose weekly temporary car insurance with short term breakdown cover. Bear in mind that short term cover may generally be taken out for anything from a single day to up to one month. This type of policy allows those taking a holiday to plan ahead. Short term insurance providers allow individuals to apply for a policy online and state when the cover needs to begin and when it ends.

Temporary car insurance along with short term breakdown cover or short term European breakdown cover doesn’t just apply when borrowing a car. Individuals may choose to borrow a motorhome for their holiday. A short term policy can be arranged to cover the motorhome for one day up to 28 days.