Do People Still Send Cards?

In the UK, when we celebrate birthdays and other celebrations we like to make them extra special by embellishing them with little traditions. One of the most popular of these “little traditions” is to give and receive cards.

Cards are affordable little tokens, and are often given alongside a more expensive gift. The beauty of greeting cards is that they can be tailored for all sorts of occasions, whether that’s a Valentine’s day, Christmas or something like a graduation or exam success.

It’s a little sad but as we move further it not the future we jettison many of these little traditions (card giving was at its peak in the 19th century) in favour of either modern traditions or no traditions at all. Let’s be honest, on birthdays people look forward to their presents more than the cards accompanying them.

Let’s not be too hasty, though. Do people still send and receive cards? The answer is definitely a yes. If anything the popularity of that simple tradition is growing not diminishing. The reason why with this should be the case is that the internet allows you to choose from millions of cards and personalise them too.

Personalised Christmas cards, for example, are just like the cards you’ve been sending and receiving since you were younger, except that they can now be made much more special with the personal touch. You can even use your own photographs to make cards truly one-off and unqiue.