When is it too late to file an accident claim?

Not many people realise that accident claims and personal injury claims have a time limit. For accident and personal injury claims in Manchester and beyond, it’s important to be aware of the time limits that apply and respond appropriately.

When it comes to time limits, three is the magic number. More specifically, three years is the general time limit for claims to be brought. The clock starts ticking from the day of the accident, although there are some exceptions.

Why is there a limit?

The reason for the time limit is very simple. If no limit existed, claims could go on indefinitely. Another reason is that memories fade, and the evidence needed to prove or defend the claim gradually disappears.

Special circumstances

It’s not always possible to bring an accident claim to court within the time limit. It can take time to realise that an injury is serious, or to know exactly what the consequences can be. In these cases, the law makes an exception and allows extra time to claim.

The requirements for a time extension are strict. Most often, the extension hinges on knowledge of the seriousness of the injury. ‘Knowledge’ in some cases, may even be ‘when a reasonable person should have known’. It’s vital to talk to a reputable personal injury solicitor in Manchester, London or wherever the claim is to be filed.