Why Wooden Floors are the Eco-Friendly Option

We all know they look wonderful, and complete the overall appearance of a home to perfection, but now Britain’s leading trade association for hardwood flooring has issued the latest arguments as to why having this type of flooring in your home is the environmentally friendly choice.

The National Wood Flooring Association says that wood flooring is the most abundantly available renewable material for floors on the planet. And as long as trees as consistently replaced, making hardwood flooring has only a minimal impact on the environment.

Here are some recently published facts for you to mull over:

• Hardwood grows more quickly than its taken from the environment
• This kind of flooring also enhances the quality of indoor air
• It also needs less water and energy than other types of flooring
• Wood is carbon neutral, producing oxygen as it grows and storing carbon during its life
• It’s easy to burn or recycle timber when it is finished with
• Especially when compared to other products, this flooring has a long shelf life, and does not require frequent replacement
• Hardwood trees planted today will be around for at least a century

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should assume anything – take an environmentally approach to buying wooden flooring products and as questions of your supplier before you commit to a choice.

And, whether you’re looking for gorgeous wood floors in London or anywhere else across the UK, make the Internet your first port of call and the first step to creating the perfect look for your home.