3 Health Reasons to Quit Smoking

The main reason why people quit smoking is because smoking is bad for your health, simple as that. There are, of course, other benefits to kicking the habit, smoking is expensive and may undermine your chances with the opposite sex, for example. Generally speaking, however, and it’s the health benefits that encourage most people who quit to quit.

Longer Life

Smoking takes years off your life. Recent research has suggested that if you quit by 30 you can avoid many of the health issues, and lose perhaps a month of your life. Smoke longer than this and the end of your life starts to vanish. Of course smokers are much more susceptible to certain diseases, such as lung cancer.

Cosmetic Benefits

With the above having been said, it might come as something of a surprise to learn that most women who give up do so because of the cosmetic benefits. Smoking wreaks all sorts of havoc on a person’s looks, from yellowing the teeth to drying out the lips and skin.

Better Senses

Similarly, and quitting the habit could actually improve your senses. Smoking heavily will destroy taste-buds and can even damage the eyes. A long term smoker might find that they need to wear glasses or might experience less sensation when they’re eating.

If you want to avoid these health hazards, you can buy an electronic cigarette online which delivers the same experience as smoking without the same amount of nasty chemicals.