3 Tips for Business Card Translation

Business people of all kinds use business cards as a method of self promotion. Despite their relative simplicity, they can be extremely useful, certainly a good thing to have in your business arsenal. But what happens when you begin to do business in foreign markets, how do you go about translating your business cards?

Just because the text on your business card might be small don’t take any chances with translation. A translation service or business translation service may be prepared to help you, even when it comes to a relatively small amount of text. They will be able to ensure your text is not only accurate, but that it works, culturally, in the target language.

There might be aspects of your business card that are difficult to translate. Relying on a computer translation is not a good idea, especially if you card carries potentially tricky strings of word, such as your business title. Although it might be just a few words, mis-translating business lingo can be very easy, so beware and seek professional help.

It’s not just about words on a business card that matters either and there are other things to consider for example, you need to ensure that if you have a date on the card it is in the right format, and that any cultural nuances ring true in the target language.