What are the Practical Benefits of Solid Wood Flooring?

Many of the materials that we use in our homes are man-made; however, there is still a surprising number of natural materials that are still pivotal even in the most modern homes. Why, specifically, do we still use materials like wood?

One of the main reasons for our excessive use of wood in the home is because it has many practical benefits that are still difficult to replicate with modern manufacturing methods. Wood flooring is very popular, and as well as having aesthetic benefits, there are many intrinsic practical benefits too.

Solid wood flooring is incredibly durable, especially when it’s been finished. It is designed to exist in situ for many, many years, and so is perfectly suited in homes where there is a large amount of footfall. It’s true that some things, such as exposure to bright sunlight, can affect the aesthetic of wood, however, for the most, part solid wood is very resistant to damage.

Unlike, for example, carpet, wood is relatively easy to care for. When spillages occur on a finished wooden floor they can quickly and easily be cleaned up. When spillages occur on a carpet only a rigorous shampooing will rectify the problem. Also, something like carpet is inherently more fragile than solid wood.

Beyond the very clear practical benefits to wood floors, there are also many aesthetic advantages. Wood is remarkably aesthetic, and introducing wood in the home is a great way to incorporate a natural dimension to interior design.