What are the Aesthetic Benefits of Wood Floors?

Wooden floors have many practical advantages. They are very durable, and so perfectly suited for “busy” homes where there is a large amount of footfall, such as in shared housing. However, beyond the practicalities of wood floors there are many aesthetic benefits too:

There are many different kinds of wooden floor, and each kind has its own particular aesthetic. Hardwood flooring is considered to be the epitome of quality, natural aesthetic, and so is a great choice if style is your main concern. A common wood used in flooring is oak, notable not only for its inherent strength and durability, but also its inherent aesthetic strength.

Wood is so revered as an aesthetic material because of the uniqueness and attractiveness of its grains. Some kinds of wood flooring can be considered “rustic” or unfinished, and this is wood that is rich in knots and grains, ideally suited for use in traditionally styled homes.

Hardwood is very versatile however, and there are plenty of wood floors that fit very naturally into modern homes too. This is typically wood that’s been finished, so that whilst there is still an attractive grain inherent, it is not so pronounced.

Many interior designers suggest that a wooden floor can add the illusion of space, especially when we’re talking about a lighter shade. Lighter wood floors are able to reflect the light, and so can very effectively make a room seem livelier, more open and natural.