Reasons why businesses choose time and attendance software

Most businesses have procedures for monitoring the time and attendance of their staff members by way of basic HR payroll necessity. Many businesses are increasingly opting for HR software, in partnership with credible HR outsourcing specialists, that fulfills the role traditionally played by clocking in and out systems.

Factory-, hospitality- and retail-based businesses, plus public sector organisations, seek out the HR solutions that time and attendance systems represent to befit their own individual needs. Yet they are typically motivated across the board to do so by reasons that include:

• Accuracy and efficiency – The scheduling software now available to businesses eradicates the potential for inaccuracies that can unintentionally occur with outmoded clock card machines and paper systems. State of the art HR management software enhances efficiency and productivity, whilst offering businesses reassurance that they are paying their staff for actual hours worked

• Integration – Rostering software can be supplemented in many different ways, offering businesses the opportunity to harness the benefits of bespoke integrated human resource systems. Besides simply replacing old-fashioned clocking-in and clocking-out systems that have ceased to be relevant, businesses can pull together holidays requests, payroll reporting and sick leave under a single user-friendly umbrella

• Security – Confidentiality and security of HR payroll information is of imperative importance to all businesses. Workforce management software that is cost effective, yet of the highest calibre, offers peace of mind that data can only be accessed by individual staff members and managers that are authorised to do so