3 Ways a Car Valuation Guide Could Help You Sell Your Car

You might not realise it but the car sitting on your driveway has a market value. Of course you can sell your car for whatever price you want, however only by selling at a realistic price, i.e. around the car’s actual value, will you make a sale. 

With this in mind, a car valuation guide could be your best tool when you sell your car, here are three reasons why:

Many people trade-in their cars or part exchange at a dealership. This is a great way to make a quick sale of your old car and buy and new car at a good price. Part exchanging your vehicle and you’re likely to get the trade price rather than the retail price however. Knowing your car’s actual value can ensure you’re getting the fairest price possible.

Using a car price guide to value your car is a very simple but effective way of ascertaining the price. Armed with this information, you can set the best price for your vehicle and make a better sale. Selling privately can seem difficult, however tools like price guides can be a real help, adding clarity to the process.

The chances are that as well as selling your old car you’ll be looking on buying a new vehicle. A car valuation guide is not only great for car sellers, but it’s great for car buyers too. It will help you get a better sense of the market and buy a new or used car at the very best price.