Low cholesterol cooking tips

Cholesterol levels become a problem for many people as they grow older. Being told by a doctor to lower cholesterol is one thing. Actually figuring out how to cut out cholesterol in a diet can be an incredibly hard task. Luckily, there are some very easy ways to turn foods in a regular diet into low cholesterol foods.

Choose oily spreads

The first thought that crosses most people’s minds is that when cholesterol is out, oil is out, and that means butter, too. Some oils, however, such as canola and olive oils, can be a part of a healthy low cholesterol diet. These oils are now used in a number of margarines and make perfect substitutes for butter on some nice fresh bread.

Swap dairy for spices

Dairy is included in most recipes because it adds a fullness to the flavour of the overall dish. Many people trying to make healthy foods simply remove the dairy, but notice a big difference in the tastiness of the dish as a result. Dairy removal can be compensated for by using more spices and herbs. Dedicated gourmands should experiment with fresh basil, rosemary, garlic, coriander, nutmeg and oregano.

Change to vinegar for frying

It’s a little-known fact that vinegar can be substituted for butter or oil in light frying or sauteeing. Vinegar keeps the pan moist, ensuring that the food doesn’t burn. As with butter or oil, only a small amount of vinegar should be used in this method.