Healthy snacks at home

Snacking is something that gets worse the longer it’s avoided. The desire for snacks simply looms larger and larger in the mind until, inevitably, a sinful treat just has to be consumed. The answer isn’t to avoid snacking, just changing what you snack on. It’s much better to have some healthy treats in store.

There are plenty of healthy snacks that can be made at home. For most people, it seems like the only option is carrot sticks and cottage cheese. On the contrary, some of the simplest snacks that can be made at home are just as tasty as a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar.

1. Crunchy chickpeas. Canned chickpeas can easily be dried for a tasty crunch. Spread whole tinned chickpeas over a lightly oiled pan and roast. Flavour with salt and seasonings such as paprika and cumin

2. Frozen grapes. A great summertime treat can be had when sweet grapes are frozen. The sweetness of the grape intensifies during freezing. For a slightly more sinful treat, freeze a banana and dip in melted carob or chocolate

3. At-home crisps. The main problem with store-bought crisps is that they have been deep-fried. If made at home, crisps can become a low fat food. Simply slice a potato into very thin slices, sprinkle with some salt, and roast in the oven until crispy.

Pre-packaged snacks come not only laden with fat, but with chemicals too, and often leave a slightly sickly feeling behind. By making snacks at home, anyone can ensure that their treats are not only healthy foods, but tasty foods, too.