A solid all-round tool kit for DIY beginners

Starting out in DIY is both exciting and challenging. The excitement lies in the prospect of all sorts of upcoming projects, such as putting up shelves in a spare bedroom. One of the challenges is being able to figure out ahead of the game exactly what makes a good all-round tool kit.

Where hand tools are concerned, a good starting point is the trusty claw hammer. Indeed, without hammers it would be hard for any budding handy person to make effective progress. The claw part of the traditional claw hammer helps extract nails, often from wood, but sometimes other materials. The rounded head is a forceful tool for pounding nails in to materials, and therefore creating solid joins.

Screwdrivers are also a must when it comes to hand tools. One multi-headed screwdriver can save on storage space in your toolbox; at the least it should be able to handle star-shaped as well as flat-headed screw tips.

In the cutting tools department, nothing beats a rechargeable, cordless electric drill. This will bore holes into tough surfaces, such as walls, and will help greatly with putting up those shelves in the spare rooms.

Amongst saws, a basic handsaw will also prove useful and quick option for the rough cutting of wood.

Finally, a solid, reliable tape measure will assist with measuring the distance between two points and a spirit level will prove indispensable when comes to indicating whether a surface is exactly horizontal or vertical.