Energy savings can add up

Even in a temperate climate, it often seems that a building is too hot or too cold. Many companies spend a lot of money in their efforts to regulate their office temperatures. Not all businesspeople realise that investing in green wall can lead to substantial energy savings. The use of a living wall system could be a very sensible move on financial grounds alone.

The summer benefits

In a typical summer, a building warms up due to exposure to sunshine. Any cooling systems can use a lot of energy and may have a negative impact on the environment. A planted wall can limit or eliminate the need for a cooling system. This is because it can make a big impact on the level of radiation that comes through a wall. Indoor planted walls can also have a beneficial effect upon summer office temperatures.

Winter positives

Heating an office during winter can be really costly. Some organisations routinely overheat their office space. This is bad for bottom-lines and bad for the environment. A planted wall can be an effective form of insulation in the winter. If the right type of planted wall system is selected then heating bills can be significantly reduced.

Planted walls are rightly celebrated for their attractiveness and their influence on air quality. However, it is worth remembering the positive influence they can have on building temperatures at different times of year. As energy is likely to become scarcer, savings made on bills should increase. Global warming could also make temperature moderation more important in the years to come.