Mail Fulfilment Houses Offer A Variety of Mailing Services Including International Mailing Lists

Mail fulfillment houses specilaise in providing mailing services including international mailing, order fulfillment, bulk mailing, print and postal services. Fulfilment houses often cover a wide range of mailing service options including a variety of international mailing and printing services.

For businesses mail fulfilment houses provide an invaluable service saving both time and money. Services provided by mail fulfilment houses include envelope enclosing which involves machines that insert letters or leaflets and brochures into envelopes at high speeds. Other services include industrial inkjet printing useful for leaflets or printing names and addresses, barcodes or specific messages onto marketing material. Inkjet printing is ideal for printing directly onto catalogues, polythene wrap and a number of other materials.

International mailing lists are time consuming to compile and often result in ineffective direct mail marketing. Mail fulfilment houses provide international mailing lists and often consultancy services to ensure the best return on your mailing. Difficulties and pitfalls of compiling international mailing lists include negotiating with numerous list brokers to find mailing lists for the countries you require. No one broker has mailing lists for all of the UK or Europe you will have to liases with more than one. Other issues may include language barriers, time zones, multiple currencies and data legislation for each individual country. International mailing list consultants will have contacts to make the process easier and avoid the pitfalls outlined. Mailing consultants will make sure mailing lists are legal before any purchases are made. Consultants will also ensure each countries legislation is adhered to and provide advice on international date markets