Cats in Flats?

For those who live in a flat, deciding whether to get a pet is a big decision. Having the companionship of a dog or cat is important to many, but making sure that the pet is happy and healthy is a major consideration. What’s more, making sure you keep a smaller living space clean and attractive is also important for both of you. So is it really a good idea to have a cat or kitten when living in a flat? Here are some points to bear in mind.

If you rent your property, then you should always make sure with your landlord that it is OK to get a pet. The last thing you want is to have to get rid of your new companion after just a few days or weeks because the landlord’s not happy about it.

In cramped conditions and when there’s no outside space, it is more important than ever to clean up after your pet. Clean the litter regularly – owners soon become immune to dirty cat litter smell! – and hoover or brush up the hair that will start appearing about the place.

For your pet’s health, take regular trips outside. Access to exercise and fresh air is important for everyone, but a cat flap won’t work unless you’re on the ground floor! Strap on a cat lead and go out for a walk regularly. Also make sure you provide plenty of cat toys for her to play with to keep her stimulated – this should also save your furniture from being scratched too!