Wet or Dry Dog Food?

For many pet owners, when they get their first dog, they are unsure whether to buy wet or dry dog food, or even both. For both the owner and the dog, there are advantages to each.

Advantages of Dry Dog Food

Dry pet food is much easier to store and measure out for your pooch. It can be bought in large quantities, yet takes up less room than the equivalent in cans or pouches of wet food. Consequently, less packaging also means that there is a lower cost per serving. For your pet, chewing on hard food such as kibble will help his teeth and gums.

When choosing a dry dog food, always make sure that it is of good quality, as some manufacturers add animal fat and gluten to their kibble, which is both unnecessary and unhealthy for your pet.

Advantages of Wet Food

Wet dog food generally contains more protein than dry, which can be beneficial depending on your breed of dog. All pets need a good amount of water to stay happy and healthy, and with wet food containing more moisture, you can be sure that your dog isn’t going without. Wet food is usually sold in individual pouches or tins, meaning that it has a long shelf life (if unopened) and can be easy to measure out portions.

The choice of wet or dry food is up to the individual pet owner, although if your dog has a medical condition, it is usually best to seek advice from your vet.