Making a Commitment to Your Cat

It is important when you bring a kitten home that you understand how to properly look after him and care for his needs. A kitten is a long-term commitment, so it is vitally important that you understand that vet’s bills can be costly over the years, and that you are willing to take on the responsibility of looking after the little bundle.

Maintaining a safe and stress-free environment for your kitten or cat will prevent any unwanted habits and behaviours from developing. Cats can become scared or anxious resulting aggression, spraying indoors or avoiding people completely.

If you suspect that your cat is scared, then you should take steps to remove or reduce the stimuli. Give your cat someone quiet and safe that they can escape to if they need it, away from other animals and children. Also make sure that their essentials such as food, water and litter trays are out of reach of things that may scare them. If his behaviour is out of character, consider getting advice from your vet.

Spending quality time with your cat will build up your bond and will allow him to trust you. Cats will naturally scratch, stretch and sharpen their claws so give him an environment that he can do this without him being shouted at or told off. During play time, cats are very energetic so provide him with safe and stimulating toys to keep his mind and body active.

By following a few easy steps, your cat will enjoy a happy and healthy life with you.