Creating bespoke iPhone 4 cases

Cases for mobile phones can often have more than one purpose. Though one of the main reasons for having an iPhone 4 case is to protect the handset from scratches and bumps, a case can also be used to reflect the owner’s unique style and personality. Although off-the-shelf phone covers are readily available, personalised ones can display the owner’s artistic flair and imagination for the world to see. A variety of images can be used to customise the phone case; this ranges from photos and self-drawn pictures to personal text.

Personal photographs are a popular theme for individualised iPhone 4 cases. Photographs printed onto phone covers can be daily reminders of a special occasion, a beloved pet or group of close friends. Gazing at a favourite photograph can often help to ease stress or anxiety so having one close to hand on a phone can be useful. These types of covers also make perfect gifts.

Phone cases can also be customised using words and phrases. These can be printed directly onto the cover and can say just about anything. Names, catchphrases or sentiments can be used and these can be designed using a range of colours, fonts and sizes. Song lyrics, a few lines from a favourite poem or a much-loved movie quote can be ideal words to have printed onto a phone cover. Another great idea for a unique gift could be a cover with an in-joke that no one else would understand other than the recipien