Dog Obesity and Exercise

We’ve all heard the old saying that dogs tend to look a lot like their owners – especially around the middle! The fact is dogs need two essential things to stay healthy: good quality pet food and plenty of exercise.

Whilst responsible owners are normally quite good at providing their pooches with good food; they can sometimes be a little less committed to the exercise side of things. Indeed, the idea of going to the local park once or twice a day during the winter can make even the fittest of dog owners think twice about the need to go for a walk.

However, if going out for a walk becomes the exception rather than the rule, it won’t take long for a dog to suffer because of it.

A dog’s chances of becoming obese increase significantly when they do not get enough exercise. As well as many other ailments and conditions, obesity can cause dogs to develop potentially agonising conditions like degenerative joint disease and chronic pain. So, even though it may not be enjoyable, convenient or pleasant at times, it is essential that owners get into the habit of ensuring their pets get plenty of good, regular exercise.

Quite simply, a happy dog is a healthy dog, and nothing makes a dog happier than plenty of good walks. This is something which any dog owner would do well to remember – especially if their pooch is starting to look a little bit ‘portly’.