Feeding a Cat over Christmas

Food is of course a big part of Christmas and most people are often guilty of over-indulging themselves on rich foods to some degree. However, it is important that cat owners do not encourage this indulgence with their pets. Indeed, overfeeding a cat or treating them to unhealthy snacks over Christmas will only cause them to pile on extra pounds and put them at greater risk of developing a serious health condition like diabetes, arthritis or heart problems.

Christmas can actually be quite stressful for cats as there is generally a lot more activity and far more people coming and going than normal. The best way to minimise this disruption (and keep them from gaining weight) is to maintain their normal routines and ensure they get well balanced and nutritious feeds at their normal times.

A kibble can be just as much of a treat to a cat as a bit of turkey, and much better for them too. Owners can also reward their cat by varying the food they feed, combining wet and dry pet food and changing the flavour from time to time. However, it is important not to overdo it so owners must ensure they stay within recommended daily amounts.

So, any cat owners who may feel tempted to give their cat a share of the turkey or a nibble on some goose should bear in mind that less is definitely more when it comes to treating a cat at Christmas!