Pet keeping can boost wellbeing

Lots of people around the world own pets and it’s not hard to see why. Domesticated animals like cats and dogs can be cute and provide endless hours of entertainment. Also, it’s now easier than ever for owners to source all the food and other resources they need to keep their creatures happy and healthy.

Meanwhile, it seems as though animals even have the potential to boost human wellbeing.

Earlier this year, the International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH) and the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) extolled the benefits of pet ownership in honour of European Pet Night.

NOAH chief executive and IFAH-Europe vice president Phil Sketchley remarked: “It has been scientifically proven that keeping animals makes you healthier. In an effort to highlight this positive role of animals in European society, the animal health industry has adopted the motto ‘Animals are good for us, be good to them. We care’. We care, because companion animals bring so much pleasure to life in the form of companionship and they can also assist us in our everyday life.”

He went on to note that preventing and curing diseases in animals can help to protect people too. for example, vaccinations stop pets from getting ill and they can also prevent people from contracting certain conditions that are transmissible from animals to people.

One issue that owners must focus on when they’re looking after their animals is their diets. There are plenty of top-quality pet food products for them to choose from and by getting the best, they can help ensure their creatures lead long and happy lives.