Yuletide Treats which are Anything but for Cats

Most people like to eat well over the Christmas period. However, whilst many cat owners might feel like sharing their festive fayre with their pets, this is rarely a good idea. Indeed, many of the most popular yuletide treats can actually be dangerous to a cat’s health.

Festive fayre
Allowing a cat to eat too much rich food or human treats can upset their digestive system. For instance, onions, garlic and certain root vegetables all contain substances which can be toxic to cats and cause a form of anaemia. And, it’s not just the raw form of these vegetables which owners should avoid feeding their pets; the gravy or sauces which cover such meals may also contain these ingredients so they too should be given a wide berth.

Yuletide treats
Chocolates are everywhere at Christmas and cats may well beg for them when see them being shared out after a game of ‘Charades’ However, they should not be indulged as chocolate contains a substance called theobromine which is poisonous to cats (it is in fact in the same class of drugs as caffeine) and can have a very negative effect on a cat’s nervous system, blood pressure and digestion. Other festive favourites, such as grapes and raisins, have also been found to be toxic to cats so these too should be avoided.

So, whilst Christmas is of course a time for fun and indulgence, sensible pet nutrition must remain a chief concern for responsible cat owners.