Ensuring Complete Protection

Body armor is an absolutely vital accessory when it comes to ballistic protection in unstable environments. Whether to be deployed in mainland Britain or abroad, bullet proof vests, helmets, shields, armor plating and other tactical clothing should always come from an ISO 9001 registered company. On top of this there are other mandatory certifications that the products should reach if they are to truly be relied upon, and these are Nato Codified and NIJ Certification. Both represent a standard of quality that should fill the wearer with confidence that they are well prepared to go into the danger zone.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of any combat situation is preparation. Being prepared enough to know what sort of threats they are likely to be facing will prove vital when choosing the right protective equipment. It may even include the usage of demining gear such as specialised boots. Bomb blankets fulfil the requirement of protecting sensitive equipment from bomb blasts and can be used in a number of different scenarios, so it is important to not just consider people, but the pieces of equipment they are relying on as well.

Providing a consistent front to threats is imperative, and the one area where there is a lack of consideration could be catastrophic. Fortunately the qualified manufacturers have the scope to provide strength and depth when it comes to complete protection. They may also have a good selection of tactical clothing that can find usage in many different scenarios, and not just those listed under combat.