Home lighting trends

As with most things, home lighting solutions go through a range of trends and fashions. Light fittings are often chosen on the basis of a room style, accessibility and budget. Buying lighting fittings online is one way of finding unusual and affordable home lighting solutions. As well as being unusual, many designs are exclusive to a particular seller.

One of the most popular styles of light fitting is the chandelier. These come in a variety of designs ranging from vintage to modern. Chandeliers are usually available in a range of materials such as crystal, iron and plastic. Low-hanging chandeliers are ideal for the dining room and living room.

Another popular type of lighting solution is the pendant light. These are hung from the ceiling and consist usually of a single light bulb and decorative shade. This option can be suitable for use in most rooms around the home.

Flush light fittings are fitted closely to a ceiling or wall. They are generally relatively flat and take up minimal room. An advantage of flushed light fittings is that they can fit in many small spaces or surfaces which would normally struggle to accommodate a light fitting. Semi-flush lights are similar, though there is usually a small decorative projection; these can also be fitted where there is a small amount of room.

Lamps also are available in a range of designs from uplighters to reading lamps. Many lamps are equipped with a dimmer switch, allowing the levels of light to be adjusted.