How to Care for Wooden Worktops

Wooden worktops by their very nature are durable and long lasting. However, because wood is a natural material it benefits from sensible usage and care. Kitchens are obviously areas of the home that get a lot of traffic, and so your worktops need to be can be vulnerable, over time, to damage and general wear and tear.
Treat your worktop sensibly however and you won’t encounter any problems:

Kitchens are areas where there can be a lot of water, especially around the sink area. If this water is allowed to pool on your worktop it can lead to damage. When spillages do occur make sure they are not left to pool and are cleared up with a dry cloth.

If the worktop becomes scratched or marked it can look very unsightly and although still functional is essentially ruined. You should take care when cutting on a worktop and you should always use a chopping board. Similarly, hot pans can leave a mark on worktop areas and so you shouldn’t place hot pans etc on the wooden surface.

Many homeowners don’t realise this but natural wooden worktops can benefit hugely from regular oiling. Oil ensures that a natural material such as wood retains its
lustre long into the future and preserves the richness of its grain and the associated aesthetic quality.

For the most part, a wood worktop will be able to look after itself however it will surely benefit from sensible usage and care throughout its lifetime.