Tips for buying a Wooden Kitchen Worktop

Kitchen worktops are an important feature in modern homes. They fulfil an important practical purpose and are an essential space on which to prepare food. Because they have very practical usage, you need to think carefully about how you choose your worktops and how you care for worktops after they’ve been installed.

Wooden worktops are extremely popular because they are both very aesthetic and extremely practical. A hardwood worktop should be able to last many, many years in situ. Hardwood is also notable for its attractiveness, a richness in grain that can elevate a kitchen space, embellishing a traditional aesthetic or adding a touch of the natural to modern kitchens.

Because wood is a natural  material it is not entirely impervious to damage and benefits from some aftercare. You should, for example, oil wooden worktops which can help maintain the lustre of the surface. Also, you should endeavour to take care in terms of how you use the surface, ensuring you only cut on chopping boards and never directly into the worktop, which obviously could cause physical damage.

When choosing a worktop for your kitchen there are a few practical things to consider. Hardwood worktops, for example, require an additional programme of sealing with oil, to ensure that they are water-resistant. Wood is advantageous because it can be relatively easily cut and so installation should not be too difficult.