Making Better Use of Your Garden Space

The UK property market is struggling to recover from one of the biggest slumps for decades, and with thousands of families in negative equity with their mortgages, moving to a bigger property just isn’t an option for many.

Lateral Thinking

If moving isn’t an option, but there is a requirement for more space to provide additional bedrooms, living space or a room to work from home, using extra space in the garden can be the best option. Garden rooms can be quickly and easily installed, with none of the disruption, mess and noise which is associated with building an extension or converting loft space. Garden buildings don’t have to mean a draughty old shed with no electricity or insulation; modern structures provide the ideal solution to your space headaches. As the market develops and more and more of us opt to work from home or use the garden to provide additional space, the choice grows.


When extending a property or converting a garage or loft into living space, homeowners are very much constrained by the planning regulations and the size and layout of the room or proposed extension. This isn’t the case with building a room in your garden, and although you will still have to clear the proposed structure through the planning department, you will have the flexibility to be able to design the right sort of space for your needs and choose from a wide range of innovative products on the market which tick all the boxes in terms of design and environmental concerns.