Safety training makes the UK a safer place

Many firms in hte UK get frustrated with the need for red tape. There seems to be checks and balances everywhere. However, the majority of the rules are in place for a good reason. Health and safety regulations are a good example of this.

By law, all firms who operate in the UK are required to provide their staff with a safe working environment. Failure to do so can result in heavy fines. If someone is badly injured as the result of a workplace accident, there is also a risk of a prison term. These harsh punishments and strict enforcement mean that most UK firms take health and safety very seriously.

Safety training courses

It is so important in some industries, having the right training can make the difference between securing a role and losing it to someone else. Therefore, obtaining health and safety qualifications that are relevant to an industry is worthwhile for jobseekers. This is certainly true of the building trade, and also for the security and maritime industries.

Finding good courses

It is important to take courses that will result in a widely recognised qualification. This means taking courses that are approved or accredited by a relevant trade body or industry body. For example, someone who wants to work in the maritime industry should look for courses that are approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Ideally, all firms should have someone trained in First Aid at Work among their staff, so this is a good course for anyone to take.